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6 Minute IQ Test

6 Minute IQ Test This test measures your ability to see relationships between words and concepts under timed conditions, without placing significant emphasis on cultural knowledge.

Please do not use any reference materials (e.g. books, calculators, online or computer resources) or the help of anyone else in working these problems. You may use scrap paper, and pen or pencil.

Be sure to answer every problem, even if this means guessing on some problems. There are no penalties for guessing.

The test consists of 30 multiple choice problems, and you have only 6 minutes to complete the test, so an average of 12 seconds per problem. It is important to move quickly through the test, and not spend too much time on any given problem. If the time runs out before you hit the "SCORE TEST" button, there is no penalty, and the answers you have checked at that time will be counted as your final answers. Also, you do not receive any extra points or advantages for finishing the test in less than the provided 6 minutes.

Each problem consists of 5 common words. 2 different but very similar relationships exist between 2 different pairs of word, while one word does not fit with the paired words. Example:


King and queen share a common relationship, as do husband and wife. The word that does not fit with either paired relationship is DAUGHTER, which would be the answer to this problem.

Your estimated IQ score, general population percentile ranking, and the answers to the problems are all provided when you complete the test.
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