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Bible IQ Test II

Bible IQ Test II This short multiple choice quiz was originally given to a group of 24 pastors, church elders, Christian authors, and other well-established Christians, most of whom had read the entire Bible more than once, although a few of the participants were Christian laymen.

Although your IQ and percentile scores are estimated with respect to the general population, when you view the answers after completing the test you'll additionally see how many of the individuals in this initial group of 24 missed each question.

The original quiz was composed of 2 parts, each containing 16 questions. This quiz consists of the second part only. The 1st part, Bible IQ Test I (which appears elsewhere on this site), is much easier. This test contains some very tough questions.

Don Stoner, the author of the quiz, writes "Part 1 is basic, straightforward, and (mostly) relatively easy (at least for established Christians). My 'average test subject' (church 'elder' level) got 2-3 wrong (a solid 'B' on the exam). Part 2 is the harder stuff. My 'average test subject' missed 6 out of 16 (barely squeaking by with a 'D' on this exam). Don't expect to see many 100% scores."

Mr. Stoner, who refers to himself as "nobody in particular", is a physicist, EE, software engineer, and controversial author of A New Look at an Old Earth: , Who Designed God? and Hell Bent, all of which can be found at . His grandfather was the author of Science Speaks, which can also be found at . Don is a member of a number of high intelligence organizations, including the Epimetheus Society, which accepts those with scores on certain tests which theoretically place them at or above the 99.997th percentile with respect to the general population (1 person in 30,000, IQ 160+).
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