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William F. Bultas (aka "Bill Puzz")
President of, LLC

Bill Bultas first became interested in puzzles and IQ tests in 1995, and by 1996 had a "home page" that featured some puzzles; in 1997 he began serious work on material and web pages that would become the web site Bill left the work force at the end of 1997 to pursue his online business full time. With only dreams and an encouraging wife for support, Bill worked long hours throughout 1998 and the following years to establish his company, which he licensed as

Today, LLC continues to entertain people on the internet, often using educational materials for this purpose. Spinoff sites include,, and the most ambitious project to date,, LLC's revenue is entirely from advertising, so that all of the material on the sites can be provided free to the public.
Bill is solely responsible for choosing the materials that make up all of the problems on This includes many items he has written over the years, as well as puzzles by other authors (see below). You can learn more about here.

Bill is a graduate of Missouri State University (magna cum laude), recipient of the Walter O. Cralle Scholarship, and appeared in the 1996 edition of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. He is a Life Member of American Mensa and the Triple Nine Society, and has been moderately involved with a few of the other groups that you can find through our site.

Terry Stickels
Famous Author

Author and speaker Terry Stickels has dedicated his life to the pursuit of improving one's mental flexibility and creative problem solving skills . . . and making it fun. His books, calendars, card decks and newspaper columns are filled with fun and challenging puzzles that stretch the minds of even the best thinkers.

Stickels is well known for his three internationally syndicated columns: FRAME GAMES, seen in USA WEEKEND magazine, is read by over 48,000,000 people in 600 newspapers weekly. He concurrently writes STICKELERS (sic), a puzzle column syndicated daily by King Features, appearing in some of the largest newspapers in America such as The New York Daily News, The Chicago-Sun Times, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, to name a few. In Canada, Stickels is widely syndicated by the Metro News newspapers consortium. He still finds time to create his yearly calendar as well as books for both kids and adults. You may see his puzzles on the back of Kellogg's Raisin Bran or on a Universal Studios website featuring a movie such as A Beautiful Mind, where he created the most famous IQ quiz in internet history. This was followed by three successful books requested by the high I.Q. society Mensa.

You will find EXCLUSIVE material by Terry Stickels on this web site. Although very few of the puzzles are currently labeled as to authorship, most of the problems that utilize graphics were designed by Terry, but also several of the text-only problems.

You can find books, calendars and more by Terry Stickels through this link.

Ronald K. Hoeflin, Ph.D.
Philosopher, Founder of High IQ Societies, and Famous Test Creator

Ron Hoeflin is famous for creating the extremely difficult Mega and Titan Tests, which were published years ago in Omni Magazine and taken by thousands of people, including several famous individuals such as John H. Sununu and Marilyn Savant. Ron has founded several fully functioning high IQ societies, including the extremely elite Prometheus and Mega societies, and is Editor of Termite, the journal of the Lewis M. Terman Society. Dr. Hoeflin is currently completing the third and final volume in "The Encyclopedia of Categories: A Theory of Categories and Unifying Paradigm for Philosophy". We have a special category on this site for tests created by Ron. More information about Ron Hoeflin can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Kameeka D. Gerald
"Queen Behind the Scene"

Wife of Bill Bultas, Kameeka is involved with and by providing scans of graphical problems and other materials from a variety of sources, and is also webmistress of one of our online properties.

TonicGroup, Inc.

Bill Bultas first become aware of TonicGroup through Nathan Haselbauer, former President of the International High IQ Society. On Nathan's recommendation to both parties, Tonic and Puzz partenered to build Leila, Neal, and other nice folks have patiently worked with Bill, and have assisted him in making his foggy ideas into crisp realities, which hopefully you will enjoy.

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