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Timed IQ Tests

5 Minute Memory IQ Test

This test will measure your memory under timed conditions.

Please do not use any reference materials (e.g. books, calculators, online or computer resources) or the help of anyone else in working these problems. You may use scrap paper, and pen or pencil while taking the actual test. HOWEVER, DO NOT USE PEN, PAPER, OR ANY OTHER MEANS TO RECORD THE ITEMS THAT APPEAR BELOW ON THIS PAGE!

Be sure to answer every problem, even if this means guessing on some problems. There are no penalties for guessing.

There are 20 multiple choice problems, and you will have 5 minutes to complete them all, so an average of 15 seconds per problem. Be sure to only begin the test when you are certain you will be undisturbed for at least 5 minutes. If the time runs out before you hit the "SCORE TEST" button, there is no penalty, and the answers you have checked at that time will be counted as your final answers. Also, you do not receive any extra points or advantages for finishing the test in less than the provided 5 minutes.

Your estimated IQ score, general population percentile ranking, and the answers to the problems are all provided when you complete the test.

To begin with, spend about 2 minutes memorizing the paired items below. We do not time this part of the test, so please find a way to time yourself. It is important that you try to clearly remember all of the paired items. Pretend the words on the left are from a different language that you are trying to learn, and the words on the right are the meanings of those words in English. DO NOT USE PEN, PAPER, OR ANY OTHER MEANS TO RECORD THE ITEMS THAT APPEAR BELOW ON THIS PAGE! Only use your memory.

When you have finished memorizing the items below, click "TAKE TEST" near the top of this page.

Atjov : Fancy

Bulg : Live

Demlock : Temperature

Gimrack : Long

Iplin : Adultery

Ivian : Being

Jorma : Fake

Legru : Brother

Melp : Mimic

Ostic : Quality

Qigsag : New

Rastet : Farmer

Riminin : Ray

Ruke : Haphazard

Tulad : Outline

Tuncel : Galley

Vlam : Kit

Vogly : Weak

Vonu : Legal

Yaji : Pallbearer
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