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Logical & Lateral Thinking IQ Test

Logical & Lateral Thinking IQ Test This 10 question untimed test will measure your logical and lateral thinking abilities. Although fluency in English is necessary to understand the instructions for several of the problems, emphasis on vocabulary and knowledge is very low.

You may use a paper dictionary,, calculators, and pens, pencils and paper to work out these problems. Please do not in any other way use the internet, your computer, or receive help from anyone else in working these problems.

Some of the problems are quite difficult, and several may contain words, names or terms with which you may be unfamiliar. Be sure to answer every problem, even if this means guessing on some problems. There are no penalties for guessing.

Although there is no time limit, try to complete the test in 1 or 2 sessions.

Your estimated IQ score, general population percentile ranking, and the answers to the problems are all provided when you complete the test.
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